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CasinoBonusPayout PercentAccepts US BetsPlay Now
Liberty Slots Casino$77797.7%USA Players WelcomeCLICK HERE to play now!
Lincoln Casino$5,00098.95%USA Players WelcomeCLICK HERE to play now!
Casino Classic$10097.5%USA Players WelcomeCLICK HERE to play now!
Intertops Poker$1,00097.2%USA Players WelcomeCLICK HERE to play now!
Red Casino$10097.4%USA Players WelcomeCLICK HERE to play now!

Slot Machine Myths

Being a game of chance, it is no surprise that slot machine myths exist. It only takes one superstitious person to experience something out of the ordinary and it becomes a sudden belief to a group of people. Probability can be tricky and because it is only a prediction of what is possible to happen next, does not yield any sure numbers. As far as slots are concerned, calculating the probability of winning is a lost cause, because the numbers just don't stick. In theory they should and probably do in the long run, but not on a case-by-case basis. It is also important... read more »

Online Casino Slots

Online casino slots are the most popular of all the casino games. These games require no skill and come in a multitude of varieties. Machines can differ in terms of paylines and bonus rounds but also in terms of bet amounts and themes. Progressive slot machines are a twist on the regular online casino slots in that the payout amount is based on the cumulative losses of many machines tied together within the same network. If you've ever wondered how someone might win more than a million dollars on a slot machine, this is most likely because they were playing a progressive. Many of the... read more »

Newest Online Casinos

It's hard to believe that just a few short years ago online casinos were few and far between. Nowadays a simple search will yield thousands of results. Trying to separate the newest online casinos from the old ones can be a difficult undertaking. Two of the easiest ways to accomplish this task is to do one or both of the following: Research Software Providers ? Software providers such as Playtech and Microgaming supply the games for every online casino. And, while there are thousands of online casinos, there are relatively few software providers. Simply visit their websites to see... read more »

No Deposit Online Casino

A company that is confident in their product will often let you 'try before you buy.' Online casinos are no exception to this rule. A no deposit online casino is one that will allow you to try out the games without having to part with your hard earned cash. The majority of online casinos today offer a "free play" version of their games as well as a "real play" option, which usually requires a deposit. For the purpose of this discussion it is important to distinguish between casinos that offer "free play" and a no deposit casino as they are not one in the same. When you play for free it... read more »
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