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A company that is confident in their product will often let you 'try before you buy.' Online casinos are no exception to this rule. A no deposit online casino is one that will allow you to try out the games without having to part with your hard earned cash. The majority of online casinos today offer a "free play" version of their games as well as a "real play" option, which usually requires a deposit. For the purpose of this discussion it is important to distinguish between casinos that offer "free play" and a no deposit casino as they are not one in the same.

When you play for free it is purely for entertainment. Sure, you can try out the games and get a great feel for how the casino operates, but you can't cash out any "winnings." A no deposit online casino will usually offer some incentive in the form of a free chip bonus. This will allow a player to register for real play, experience all of the games, and cash out in the event of a win. This is a very important point of differentiation due to the fact that many players believe that "free play" games are easier to win and therefore they don't truly test a player's luck or skill. It should be noted, however, that there is usually a cap placed on how much of the winnings a player can withdraw at a no deposit online casino; this is often somewhere in the range of $200-$500. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions that are associated with any offer given by a no deposit online casino.
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